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Booklice Removal Lakenheath, a part of Pest Control Leicester uses the latest and most powerful, but safe chemicals to remove Booklice from your home. We can also be there the same day; and we operate 7 days a week and can do early evening appointments too.

You will find our prices affordable and you will also find our Pest Control Leicester team helpful and they will offer you advice where needed regarding Booklice. We also cover domestic and commercial properties throughout Lakenheath.

For a quote and an appointment today:

Please call our Booklice Control Team at Pest Control Leicester on: 01509 843834

Offering you a Professional Service at all times.

About Booklice

Booklice are fast moving minute light brown in colour about 1mm Long.

There are several species and they all have soft bodies and cannot fly they feed and live around damp surfaces eggs are hatched other 4 weeks

Adult booklice feed on microscopic moulds that grow on the glue of book – bindings

Or on damp food (especially cereals)

They can grow to large numbers especially in new properties where the plaster is still damp

They survive poorly in dry cold or dry heat.


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