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Moth Removal Groby, a part of Pest Control Leicester uses the latest and most powerful, but safe chemicals to remove Moths from your home. We can also be there the same day; and we operate 7 days a week and can do early evening appointments too.

You will find our prices affordable and you will also find our Pest Control Leicester team helpful and they will offer you advice where needed regarding Moth Removal. We also cover domestic and commercial properties for Moth Infestations throughout Groby.

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Please call our Moth Removal Experts at Pest Control Leicester on: Quote Line: 0116 2984698
Offering you a Professional Service at all times.

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Moth Removal

About Moths:

There are 2 kinds of clothes moths which are: The Case Bearing Clothes Moth and the Common Clothes Moth.

Both Species evolved in a bird or animal nest and only eat fibres such as wool, fur and feather and they are most likely to go for clothes and carpets within a dark place where they are undisturbed.

The clothes moth will hide in dark areas such as collars and cuffs and they also thrive on humid conditions. Sometimes the larvae of these pests can be quite active and could be seen crawling on clothes or on the floor. But besides feeding on clothes, rugs and carpets and household furniture the clothes moth will also feed on fur, stored wool and other similar articles, they also feed on pollen, hair, feathers and dead insects.

The average clothes moth has a wingspan of approximately ½ inch, however the male is a little less, and their body is about ¼ inch long with a golden yellow sheen. Their eggs are oval and an ivory colour and the larvae is a shinny creamy whitish colour with a brown head.


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